Keys to great Stage Presence are:

  • performance preparation
  • projection of self-confidence
  • engagement of your audience

These fundamental elements are central to my Stage Presence Guidance work, both in individual masterclasses or group workshops with vocalists, musicians, dancers, actors, MCs, businessmen, keynote speakers, professionals, toastmasters and anyone else who is required to communicate from a stage, rostrum or in front of a camera or microphone.

I can help you to discover the best performer you can be.

Performance preparation

In preparation for a performance, there are many factors that need your attention. These include:

  • the selection of the material you are going to perform,
  • the ways it could be performed,
  • the performers who are to accompany you,
  • the rehearsal of the material to get it as good as it can be,
  • the physical, visual and audio presentation considerations,
  • any special pressures associated with the performance,
  • the communications in publicity to generate positive expectations about the performance,

If you have prepared well for the performance and covered all the bases you can think of, you will have a much better chance of performing at your best, and being confident that you can perform at your best.

The parallels with the performance preparation for sports people in high-pressure situations are inescapable.

I will work with you to increase your sense of control, and focus on your success, in terms of effectiveness in performing.

Projection of self-confidence

Even if you have all the tools to accomplish your goals, you have got to believe in yourself to succeed.

The foundation for this belief is normally your own recognition of the competence and expertise you have, strengthened by the steps you have taken in preparation for the performance.

Because every performer is different, I will help you develop, strengthen and increase your self-confidence by applying effective strategies that are tailored to you and your goals.

Engagement of your audience

Engagement is all about creating and building effective emotional connections with the audience.

Every performer is unique so it is important to tailor the ways you as a performer build your emotional connections with audiences. Further, audiences can and do vary in their expectations and responses to the performances they attend, so it is also important for a performer to be flexible in the ways the emotional connections are managed.

Ultimately, engaging your audience and delivering stage presence has to do with being present in the moment, and with creating and maintaining a connection with people.

I will strive to help you to be best that you can be.

I look forward to sharing with you the ideas and actions that have been successful for me.

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I am so grateful for that”. - Jenny

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