recorecording session for Ubisoft game 'Just Dance 2019'Stage Presence group workshops provide attendees with skills and confidence to improve effectiveness in presenting and performing live on stage, in studio recording sessions or in front of a camera.

The focus is on ways to enhance performance through:

  • better utilisation of the stage environment
  • better interaction with other musicians or fellow performers / presenter
  • better interaction with audiences to project competence and confidence
  • application of the learnings to deliver an effective and confident performance in a variety of settings and to a variety of audiences


The Stage Presence group courses and workshops are provided by Jenny B. an international artist who has been performing in Europe and the USA for over 25 years.

What’s the difference between Vocal Coaching and SPG?

* Vocal coaching teaches ‘how to sing”, treating the voice as an instrument, developing the student’s ability to sing, preparing and training the body to sustain the voice and develop a personal sound.

* Stage Presence Guidance teaches “how to perform”, treating the singer /performer / presenter as a unique artist; developing the artist’s ability to perform by contributing ideas, techniques, strategies and actions to enhance artistry and deliver a unique personal style.

Learning Outcomes

Attendees will be provided with understandings, tools and techniques that will be able to to be applied to rehearsals and performances, including:

  • how to appraise key factors that could impact on performance in a variety of settings and environments
  • how to express emotions and feelings while singing
  • how to “tell a story” through a song
  • how to boost confidence and manage nerves and minimise stage fright
  • how to use body language and eye contact to engage the audience
  • how to work with musicians and various other people involved in live stage and studio performances
  • how to establish and maintain mental focus before and during performances

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As a Stage Presence coach, I provide unconditional support
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