Stage Presence One-on-one Sessions - Jenny B Live
The Stage Presence one-on-one sessions are for performers and beginning Tv-radio-show-event hosts, who would benefit from individual personal guidance and support.

The one-on-one sessions cover, but go beyond all of the general ideas and advice that are covered in the group courses and workshops, to result in tailored ideas and advice for you as a unique performer or presenter.


In these sessions a participant will be provided with the understandings, tools and techniques taught in the group courses and workshops, but also opportunities to:

  • perform on a one-on-one basis to, and to have performances critiqued by Jenny B
  • watch and hear performances by Jenny B incorporating alternative ideas and techniques
  • repeat the one-on-one performances using selected ideas and techniques demonstrated by Jenny B
  • use video to appraise the session performances jointly with Jenny B
  • work through particular issues that could benefit from Jenny B’s one-on-one input, including issues to do with performance preparation, boosting confidence, relationships with other people involved in performances, potential reactions to unexpected technical problems or audience reactions, etc
  • establish sets of tailored practice routines that are designed to make and reinforce all changes you may choose to make

In addition to providing you with the ideas and techniques that are required, in the stage presence one-on-one sessions I provide the encouragement for you to push yourself as hard as you can, to break down any barriers of doubt and frustration, and to give you the strength to succeed.

Just as it is for such challenging pursuits as attaining much higher fitness levels, or attaining excellence as a multi-linguist, musician, dancer or sports-person, the quality and speed of attainment in Stage Presence is invariably improved markedly by enlisting a one-on-one professional coach.

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